Potatoes bag

Art. nr: 503

Nice and practical cotton bag for storing of potatoes.

Category: Vegetable bags

Product description

Cotton bag for storing of potatoes with inside black fabric.


  • Breathable – thick cotton fabric and double layer guarantees good air circulation, keeps your potatoes dry and protects them from mold. They will also maintain their colour and flavor which often dissapear when stored in the fridge or in plastic bags.
  • Protects from light – black inside fabric protects potatoes from light and development of green sprouts
  • Practical  – your potatoes will finally find their place in your kitchen…
  • Washable – to make sure your potaoes are always stored in a clean place
  • Ecological – using this bag while shopping will save a plenty of plastic bags

Our bags are produced in rehabilitation centres that create work places for handicapped persons. Our bags are the best proof of the high quality of their job!

Both the bags and the fabrics are produced in the EU. This creates new jobs and is our little contribution to the EU’s economy.

The bag is made of high quality, thick cotton. Due to its natural attributes It can shrink up to 5% after washing.

Composition: external layer 100% cotton, inside layer 100% polypropylene fabric

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