Art. nr: 153

For storing. For serving. For shopping.

At home replaces the bread box and is great as bread basket for serving. If you have it with you while shopping it will save on many, many plastic bags.

Category: Multifunctional bread bags

Product description


  • 3-layer construction ensures that your bread stays fresh and crispy longer
  • Breathable – protects your bread against moisture and mould
  • Decorative – it looks very nice on your table as a bread basket
  • Washable – ensures your bread is always stored in a clean place
  • Ecological – if you use it while shopping, it will replace many plastic bags

Our bags are produced by disabled persons in vocational rehabilitation centres and create jobs for them.

The external and internal layers are made of thick cotton. It can shrink up to 10% after washing.

The inside layer is made of micro-perforation fiber. This polypropylene material is safe for humans, is known for its high hygienic attributes and guarantees good air circulation. It is widely used, among others, in medicine (production of chirurgic masks) as well as in horticulture (covering and protection of sensitive plants).

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