Linen 2 in 1 – azure

Art. nr: 203

Multifunctional bread bag 2 in 1 – bread bag and bread basket in one.

Categories: Linen bread bags, Multifunctional bread bags

Product description

  • Attributes:

    • 2 in 1 – it is perfect for storing of bread as well as a very nice breadbasket which you can decorate your table.
    • Breathable – linen guarantees good air circulation and absorbs excess humidity. At the same time thick linen fabric keeps your bread fresh for longer.
    • Antibacterial – linen has very high bacteriostatic and antiseptic attributes. This is why since ages it has been used for storing of bread.
    • Decorative – it looks very nice on your table as a bread basket
    • Hygienic and easy to care for – the bag is washable to make sure your bread is always stored in a clean place. Additionally washing and ironing is very good for linen – with the time your bag will feel even softer and nicer.
    • Ecological – using this bag while shopping will save a plenty of plastic bags. Additionally the linen cloth is fully biodegradable and waste-free.

    Our bags are produced in rehabilitation centres that create work places for handicapped persons. Our bags are the best proof of the high quality of their job!

    Both the bags and the fabrics are produced in the EU. This creates new jobs and is our little contribution to the EU’s economy.

    The bag is made of high quality linen. Due to its natural attributes it can shrink up to 5% after washing.

    Size: 30 x 34 cm

    Composition: bag – 100% linen


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