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We make unique bags for storing of bread and vegetables. 

Our bread bags.

Our bread and baguette bags were designed from our love of crispy bread products. We are big fans of bread and we do not want to spoil it by stewing it in plastic bags. Our bags are made from thick natural cotton or linen which on one hand keeps your bread fresh and on the other ensures proper air circulation and prevents it from “sweating” and development of mold.

Some of our models are multi-layer which additionally enhances storing attributes. Some can be easily transformed into a bread basket – after folding it will be a nice decoration on your table.

Our vegetable bags.

Ideal for storing of garlic, onion and potatoes.

Thick cotton fabric and double layer guarantees good air circulation, keeps your veggies dry and protects them from mold. They will also maintain their healing properties and flavor which often dissapear when stored in the fridge or in plastic bags.

Additionally your veggies will finally find their place in your kitchen…



Multifuctional bread bags. For storing. For serving. For shopping.


Baguette bags

Ideal for shopping and carrying your favourite baguettes.


Bread bags for storing

Bread bags for storing from thick cotton, linen or organic fabrics.



Bread bags 2 in 1. Bread bag & basket. Picture – model 2 in 1 from natural linen.


Organic bags

Organic bread bags made from GOTS cotton or linen.  Picture – model 2 in 1 as bread basket.


Vegetable bags

Ideal for storing of garlic, onion and potatoes.



Environmentally friendly. Help the others. EU origin.

Environmentally friendly

We want to avoid disposable products, therefore we create products that can be reused and can replace disposable plastic bags. A typical plastic bag is produced within seconds, its average lifetime is 20 minutes, but it takes more than 400 years to decompose …

Help the others

Our bags are produced in vocational rehabilitation centres that create jobs for disabled persons. Our bags are the best proof of the high quality of their work!

EU origin

Both the bags and the fabrics are produced in the EU. This creates new jobs – this is our little contribution to the EU’s economy.

About us

We are a family business. After years of work in international corporations we decided to start creating and implementing our own ideas.

At Slowroom we develop and produce ecological packaging for grocery products. We create our products in full – from the design, through the selection of materials to the organization of production.

Our natural business environment is the EU. At present, we sell our products in: Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Slovenia.



Our distribution covers bakeries and various shops as well as online. Check our list of clients below

Piekarnia Krzosek (Przystanek Piekarnia),


Piekarnia i Cukiernia

Cafe Bäcker Mayer,

Bäckerei Ratschiller’s,

Bäckerei Mö



Krone Bäckerei

Bäckerei Himmelbä

Konditorei Fuchs

Bäckerei&Cafe ANNA,

Troad Bäckerei


Felzl Bä

Bäckerei Wü

Pekarna Bartosovice,

Pekarna Don




Süßkramladen, facebook/suesskramladen


Humanitas Bookversand,



Der Brötchen EXPRESS,



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